Thursday, 8 March 2012

All in good time

I make lists of things I have to do: work, tasks and errands. I want to zap them all in one go, on one day. It doesn't happen. Not enough time.

With only six days (yes, six!) until I leave for Thailand, I've got a mountain to get through and wrap up before I'm outta here. Articles, releases, O schools camp, pieces to run and write for Jacques' new book, finish metrogaine map...

I get so impatient wanting to do everything now to get it out of the way - these lists I have are sooooo long. Ultimately, they do get done, in their own time. I've just got to chill and not get all worked up.


seanverret said...

Or you could delegate or better yet crumble the list up throw it away and go to the tanning salon to get ready for your vacation!

adventurelisa said...

Hahaha - now that's the plan Sean ;)