Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sunrise Monster 32km (road race)

This morning I was up (too) early to head off to Pretoria with Fred for the Sunrise Monster 32. The race has been around for years but this is the first time that I've run it so I only knew it would be a hilly race (how hilly could it be, eh?) passing through 12 suburbs.

The run starts at sunrise, which is 06h03 at the moment, and they have the 32km and a 'Mini Monster' 10km (a 5km run run too, I think). The field is huge with runners coming from far and wide to take it on. The course is probably the best road route I've ever run. It winds and meanders through pretty Pretoria suburbs, includes a trail section (around one kilometre) and has the most fantastic views from the top of that fort road.

It isn't called a 'Monster' for nothing. At around the first kay you hit a big climb - steep, very steep - and then another. And there were another couple; and another couple. And then some down. And then a few kays along the R21 towards Fountains Circle. And then more ups and flats and up and flats. And then steep, steep down the two hills from the beginning. Then a sting in the tail hill with two kilometres to go. And then the finish.

I ran with Fred and Tommy - and they walked the hills with me too. We had a very chilled and chatty run, logging our absolute worst every finishing times. Tommy is a bit of a speedster and he ran the race in his Vibrams. After 21km the run was a bit of a record breaker for us: my first 32km road race in about four years; Fred's first 32km road race in two years and Tommy's longest road run in his Vibrams.

With Tommy (left), Fred (middle), Matthew (right)

We saw Matthew, also from our club, not long after the start and we met up with him here and here along the way. It's always really cool to see our fellow club members out there - part of the fan-damily.

Although the registration area was chaotic, the race and waterpoints with friendly helpers and organised marshalls is highly commended. We're adding this to our club calendar next year for a must-do event. It really is worth getting up before 04h30 for this one. But remember to keep your afternoon free for a nap.


Unknown said...

Did it today. 04/03/2017
As a tough and full of hills I did a PB of 3:14

adventurelisa said...

Well done 'unknown'. Three cheers for your PB ;)