Friday, 2 March 2012

Colours of running (shoes)

I had to shoot down to the shops today and as I walked past TotalSports the colours of the running shoes totally caught my eye. Bright, fresh and colourful. The sole colours are just as delicious as the uppers, across the brands.

This is a far cry from everyday clothing in the stores... I was horrified to see that winter clothing is on the shelves - and it is only the beginning of March! [it's the Easter thing again]

It is >28C here at the moment with beaming sun and blue skies and the shops are in winter mode. Huh? Are you people stupid or what? It only really starts to get chilly here at the end of April anyway... An attentive shop assistant offered me a thick, long sleeved top of sorts; I declined and pointing to the pile of sweaters on the table I asked, "How many of these are you selling at the moment?". Ja, none.

I certainly won't buy winter clothing now to store for three months time; retailers are missing out on two months of selling summer weather-appropriate clothing.

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