Thursday, 1 March 2012

An animal thing?

My dad recently did a clear out and he gave me a pile of photos of when I was a child. I noticed a very clear trend in the snap shot: animals. Even now, I can't keep my hands away from anything with fur (or feathers or scales, a shell or a hide).

Do our childhood interests - however innocent - indicate career paths? For sure.

Interestingly, my major at university was zoology, but more of the cell, developmental biology and neurology subjects than anything really to do with animals. During my MSc years I went looking for jobs in the animal agriculture environment (reproductive technology), not in the human environment. And, I've gone for having FEAT support instead of other human causes. Telling eh?

From left to right:
Row 1: With my pet bunny, Snuffles; this tee had something to do with supporting some or other wildlife organisation - I also did the JHB Zoo's polar bear club and another to do with vultures; at Mitchell's Park in Durban - I'd happily spend hours outside the crocodile cage waiting for them to move and I really loved the giant tortoises.
Row 2: At one time my dad stayed on a small holding and on one visit I heard mewing and discovered a mommy cat and kittens. My dad adopted the little grey one and found homes for the others; with a bunny from one of my favourite places, the Bunny Park in Benoni; holding one of the stray kittens; sitting in a park with birds on my head (they seem have been some guy's tame birds).
Row 3: With a sheep; my dad says that I got hold of someone's puppy; I've always loved flowers.

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