Friday, 2 March 2012

Raw oat cookies - power race food

I've been making raw oat cookies for a few weeks and I favour them over traditional baked butter-eggs-sugar cookies. Aside from being a nice pre-morning-race snack, I think they're fabulous for during-the-day snacks and are a winner for race munchies.

There's only one catch... you need a food dehydrator to 'cook' them (xmas present to self). They're easy and quick to prepare and are made by mixing up a bunch of ingredients, shaping into cookies and then dehydrating overnight to remove the moisture. They're not dry and crumbly, but not totally moist either.

My first batch was good; my second batch was better (two variarions) and this one is just as nice. I'm not following any recipe as I throw in whatever is at hand. This batch, in the photo, contains: rolled oats, oat bran, cranberries, some currants, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, dates (softened in hot water and then zapped into a 'jam/paste' in the food processor), one small banana and two pears (banana and pears went in with the dates). And the zest of one lemon. I've used orange before, which was lovely, but I didn't have any oranges last night. I also threw in some hemp seed powder for a dash of protein. Pretty much everything, except the cranberries and currants, goes through the food processor to make the bits more fine.

It gets all mixed together, shaped into cookies and left overnight in the dehydrator. I ate them as a pre-run snack before the half marathons last month and they're going to be great at tomorrow morning before the 32km run. If I don't eat anything my stomach is growling by 10km.

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