Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Boot Camp visit

Yesterday afternoon I got through to circus school - from school orienteering - nice and early. I always pack my running stuff so that I can squeeze in a run. With time to play I decided to explore the neighbourhood.

Running down the road past FreeMe I bumped into AR friend Jackie and her running companion, Sebastian. As I don't know the area I said that I'd tag along with her. Jackie invited me to give her Boot Camp South Africa class a try. Jackie and her husband - my long time AR friend - Alistair, own and run Boot Camp in Paulshof. I've known of it for many years, but not where it was located. What a super property! Feels quite bushy, even in the heart of suburbia. Jackie grew up here. When her folks moved here 35 years ago they were completely in the sticks. How things have changed!

Our run took in a few other roads in the area as well as the short and lovely trail on the property. And then I joined in for half of the Boot Camp class. A good group of people and superb outdoor fun. And then I jogged down the road to shower (I was covered in grit and sand!) before circus class.

A solitary run turned into an unexpected, but most welcome, social and playful outing. Thank you Al and Jackie.

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