Sunday, 17 February 2013

Forest Run planning progress

I really do enjoy planning and organising events. Sure, there's a helluva lot of items on my to do list but it comes with its own special satisfaction of creating something.

Forest Run is now three weeks away and all the little bitty things for the event are collecting in crates in my lounge. Home is seldom without crates and banners and bunting tape spread all over the place. I'm glad to say that the list is considerably shorter than it was two weeks ago as bits and pieces that must be bought, tested, ordered, fetched and made are ticked off.

I'm driving through to the venue for the day on the 26th to drop off some stuff. This is more practical than trying to haul everything through in the week before the race when I head out there to tag the route. I'll be out in the area from the Tuesday morning before the race to tag the route. It should take me three days leaving most of the Friday to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.

Yesterday I worked up the final, neat-and-tidy route map, which my marshals and medics will use. It's also for me to know where to put the distance markers (every 10km) and other signs. Being a map person, when I have a map in my hands then I know that everything is sorted. It's all about a feeling of 'security' when you know where you are and where you're going and have the info at hand to plan how you're going to get there. Would be convenient if everything had a map!

Entries are on almost 70 runners now; there are still places open. If you've got any friends who would be keen to enter... please let them know. Entries close on Friday, 1 March 2013.

Current gender and entry category split (as of 14 Feb)

This past week I played guinea-pig to try out our planned pasta something, which will be available at the 35km 'half-way' aid station. It's a simple but tasty treat with fresh tomato, baby marrow and herbs (from my garden). And, it's vegan. The pasta is egg-free.
Colourful items being prepared for Forest Run

I've got almost 400m of trail tape... plus boards and droppers (and some other back-up tape too). Enough? We'll see! I'm generally quite overkill when it comes to marked routes because I've been on the receiving end of badly marked routes where you're standing at an intersection or t-junction wondering where to go. My worst nightmare for this race is for runners to take a wrong turn! 

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