Sunday, 17 February 2013

Veggie garden still producing

My veggie garden continues to delight. I haven't spent much time digging around for a few weeks. This afternoon I spent an indulgent two hours weeding and cabletie-ing the tomato plants and adding stakes. I'd spent the whole morning and early afternoon on my computer so getting out to dig around was a real treat.

I've eaten three eggplants from the garden; my neighbours have been tucking into them too and there are still more growing. They're fabulous and so cool to grow. I'll definitely do these again but with a bigger planting spacing.

I did a big harvest of the Swiss Chard to neaten up the plants. They're still going strong. I kept some for dins and handed the rest out to neighbours.

The red and yellow cherry tomatoes continue to ripen and bear new fruit.

The heritage tomatoes are looking amazing. Dr Caroline is dominating the one side of the main bed; I didn't realise how big she was. There is some fruit - and many more flowers - but the fruit isn't near ready yet.

In the other bed Tigerella took a bit of a beating when the complex's gardener decided to dig up the ground around the plants. *sigh* She's doing ok but not has strong and robust as she was. Her fruit continues to grow but no hint of pink yet.

Northern Lights is looking very good. She's quite a spreader so I exerted a little control and got her branches all sorted out and tidy.

Geranium Kiss is an odd fellow. Squat and sturdy and compact with an unmistakable scent of Geranium. There's from fruit too but not even close to ripe.

The other heritage varieties planted in the main bed a few weeks ago survived the transfer. I have a feeling that most of them are Blondkopfchen and I've definitely recognised a Geranium Kiss. They went through a big growth spurt about a week ago and so today I added stakes.

I did a big weeding session today too. I find it very calming and rewarding getting completely muddy as I haul out the weeds and tidy the beds. Quite therapeutic.

So, the garden is looking great. I've got some pumpkin seeds to get in the ground. There's a large strip of ground behind the carports in the complex; I had some pumpkin family growing there last year (got one butternut and one pumpkin; both taken by residents, evidently). Will give it another shot in the course of the week. I'll also plant some seeds in trays as I may have better luck to plant from seedlings rather than sowing seeds directly?

Top to bottom: Tigerella; Blackberries (a second lot, not yet ripe)
Beautiful stem colours of the Swiss Chard
Red cherry tomatoes ripening; a bowl of freshly picked and washed Swiss Chard for neighbours
Geranium Kiss; hitch hikers emerge from the Swiss Chard

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