Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nothing to do? Never!

The past two weeks have been a blur! It's Friday already and I'm not quite sure what has happened. Let's see...

Helping at an AR (control collecting)... orienteering schools league... write stories and edit photos... O trailer to garage to fix lights - run the 10km home... fetch trailer (not the problem)... take in car for them to fix new towbar they installed... buy fun goodies for Forest Run... write an article for Go Multi (struggle with it and hand in a few days later than intended)... people, entertaining, family... AR Club membership admin and licensing (lots of new members)... loads of comms from media on a client's event later this month... circus school... less running than the week before (but stiff too from circus rope climbing!)... more school orienteering... more photo editing, story and newsletter writing... code tweaking on FEAT website... major catch up on FEAT stories and news... AR Club memberships continue and another evening waiting for people to fetch run licenses... club orienteering meeting... more circus school... car in for service... start to crochet a teddy bear for friend's daughter's school's charity collection... Burlesque workshop... digging out the weeds from the veggie garden... make sachets of dried basil and mint for neighbours... try out a steamed bread (idea from a friend) - yum!... start working on artwork for Forest Run distance markers (found a printer during the week)... spend 12hrs packing school orienteering programme boxes for teachers... emails, emails, emails - can't keep up with too many people wanting long replies to things (short ones I nail immediately)... report writing for January done and February in progress... consolidate lists on squares of paper into notebook (finally)... finish reading one book and start on another... work through another six Spanish podcasts while driving... get in a few episodes of The Walking Dead (series 2)... run with my huskie friends...

Man! A lot of fun stuff. A lot of work stuff. A lot of admin stuff. A lot of time-consuming stuff... But satisfying nonetheless.

My steamed bread. Yummy!  FYI - I used one cup of flour, about 1/2 tbsp sugar, pinch of salt and around 1/2 sachet yeast. I added enough water to make a soft dough. I messed around with rising and folding - probably 2 x 20 min intervals and then a 1hr rise before putting into a plastic bag and zapping in the steamer for 35 mins. It's a small, manageable amount of bread - certainly two sandwiches worth. I made it again yesterday...
A running friend wanted me to join him on a trail at the last minute a few days ago (I'm not really doing spontaneous!). Suggesting some later date he says, "If you haven't got anything to do...".

My reply, "I haven't had nothing to do for two decades!". I try to ignore stuff to do though... successfully sometimes.

I've still got a busy few weeks ahead with so many exciting things on the go. These include the annual schools orienteering camp and Forest Run. Running, eating and sleeping during the five days of the Namib Desert Challenge at the end of March is going to be fabulous!

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