Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Poached eggs for me. You?

I eat eggs often; almost daily. I'm quite particular about my eggs too. That's the thing about eggs - people develop strong eggy preferences and stories abound about how you like your eggs reflects on your personality. I don't know that I go with this but I do know how I like my eggs.

I'm sure I went through the fried-egg stage; but a long, long time ago. I dabbled with omlettes, had soft boiled for breakfast in primary school (with 'soldiers' - toast fingers) and then scrambled eggs were my thing. But I've been into poached eggs for the past few years and I've perfected my poaching technique.

In a certain pot, using my silicone poached egg cup things, it takes exactly six minutes to achieve eggy perfection. My main criteria is that there must be no gooey white. I don't mind if the yolk has a bit of firmness to it but there must be no un-solid white.

Since banishing bread from my diet I had to make another plan. Two poached eggs slithering across a plate is particulary demoralising; eggs need to sit on something. If I've got baby spinach (uncooked, as it), that's Prize #1. Alternatively I put my eggies on a bed of regular spinach that has been zapped in the microwave for about 20 seconds (flattened, not cooked). And if I have neither, then the eggies go on top of frilly lettuce. Sometimes I add a sprinkle of cheese and a dash of freshly ground black pepper.

A particularly lovely breakfast about two weeks ago.
Poached eggy perfection.
I have the most wonderful egg-cooking gadget: an egg boiler. What an awesome gift this has proved to be. No need to take 15 mins to boil eggs from cold water. It takes about 7 minutes for medium-soft boiled and about 10 mins for hard and only uses about 40ml of water. And it buzzes when your eggs are ready. It can do up to seven eggs at a time.

Out of convenience I now do medium boiled regularly and hard boiled sometimes. But if I had to choose one style of egg for all eternity, it would be poached.

I found these two frivolous articles on how you like your eggs says something about your personality (Telegraph and the kitchn).

According to these, my preference for poached says:

Telegraph: "It was discovered that the average poached egg-eater is likely to have two children and no more than one sibling and is more likely to be a woman than a man."

the kitchn: "You have a mysterious, elusive soul. You're a hard worker, an entrepreneur, and the person everyone wants to be seen with. Don't let stardom or partying interfere with your goals. Tends to be kinda lonely."

Like a horoscope, there's a bit of something here for almost everyone ;)

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