Tuesday, 6 May 2014

They were almost off my favourites list

I ran with my husky friends, Angel and Toscana, yesterday and it was a lovely outing. They nearly crossed themselves totally off my favourites list last Monday when we had an encounter with a c.a.t.

Angel (left) and Toscana. Waiting for their home-baked peanut butter doggy treats
Last Monday, a public holiday, their dad (Dino) accompanied me. It makes a big difference to have one dog each, especially in the first kilometre walking down to the park. One husk is easy to hold back. Two... they're incredibly strong when pulling together.

Dino has been letting Angel off the lead and she's being quite good about coming back; but only if Toscana is on lead. Two off lead is not an option. Husks can learn to recall (there are many well-behaved husks in the Husky Club) but they're not the best breed for this and all websites unequivocally state that huskies should never be let off the lead because they'll literally just run away. They totally run without thinking. There are many lost-and-found husky notices posted on the Husky Rescue FB page. The area where we walk is a pretty good space for experimenting and, in theory, the husks can't go too far if they bolt (depending which direction they go!).

So, we're on the far side of the walk area and Angel is off-lead and she's being... well, an angel. And then from out of nowhere a c.a.t. darts across the lawn. It must have been in the low bushes, soaking up the warm sun.

Websites also unequivocally state that husks will take out animals like cats and bunnies and birds and, sometimes, even small dogs. These two are very sweet with small dogs, even those that bark and bite and go for them. But c.a.t.s... oh lordy! They'll totally pull me off my feet if they see a c.a.t. crossing the road or behind a fence.

So, Angel gives chase and as it turns out, she's faster than c.a.t. Dino gives chase and manages to free said c.a.t. Angel gets free again and goes after c.a.t. I try to intercept her but she catches the c.a.t. and Toscana, connected to my harness, gets involved. Dino and I climb on top of the dogs. I force my hands into husky mouths to pull them open and off little c.a.t. body. Fortunately they didn't bite me! C.a.t. gets free and darts into the closest house. Husks have blood on their mouths. Relief! It's their own blood from scratches in their mouths and snouts and there's a good one on Angel's ear. I'm unsympathetic.

I go to the house and the owner opens the door. I tell her to look for c.a.t and to check that it is ok.

I'm fretting about the cat. Oh my heart! The next morning I drag my mom with me and we head for the house to check that the c.a.t. is ok. The lady says that c.a.t. didn't come home until much later and while it seems stiff and sore, it is otherwise unharmed. No bites, punctures or other injuries. Relief! Poor terrified kitty!

Yesterday it was just me taking the husks out. Our usual. It was a bit warm for them so we kept to the shade and after a good section of running, we kept the pace to a walk or light trot. It feels like their coats are already thickening for winter and they overheat so easily.

I tried something new with them yesterday. These husks never just chill and sit or lie down when I make them stop in the shade to cool down. They stand or walk around, wanting to go again - even as they pant and their sides heave. So, for the first time, I sat down on the ground. I was curious to see what they would do.

After a short while they took turns to come close. Angel, the less affectionate of the two, was a surprise. She made as if to give me kisses and looked at me straight in the eyes - her face level with mine. I gave her face rubs and head scratches - and even a big ol' hug. She took it all in. Just lovely. I usually give them rubs and hugs at some stage during our walks - but with me standing. I'm going to do this seated version more often.

Of course these husks are still on my favourites list. If I was in their fur, I'd probably also chase c.a.t.s. Being a crazy-cat-lady myself, I don't approve but at least this can be avoided by keeping them clipped to my harness.

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