Thursday, 15 May 2014

Run commuting to dinner

This evening I had a bit of fun with my daily run - this '38 Days of Running' definitely makes me more creative than I ordinarily would be.

This evening I was due to have dinner with my aunt and uncle. As they don't live that far from me I decided to run there and grab a lift home with my mom. I checked out a route on Google Maps and off I went. I know 90% of the areas very well. That last 10%... I've never been through the suburb there (driving only on the main surrounding roads) but I knew there were many road closures; I just didn't know where they were. I had a few options in mind when I set off and decided to just go with it and see what materialised when I got to the final section.

It was an awesome run and my Option 1 route panned out perfectly - no road closures (just a guarded boom gate on either side of the section). I left home at about 17h45 and in next to no time it was dark. I wore a reflective vest, reflective bands on my arms and has front and rear flashing lights - and a headlamp in case of really dark sections. A real light festival! Cars really are not much of a concern as I stuck mostly to pavements; the main hazards are really only uneven pavements and missing drain covers.

My uncle isn't totally thrilled with me running on my own, in the dark. I'm used to it and quite comfortable, although I do keep my eyes open for people. But for the most part I rarely see anyone out on the streets.

The run took 1h10 door-to-door and on arrival at my uncle's place I had a lovely hot shower, delicious dinner and nice time spent with family. A wonderful way to finish a run.

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