Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spending Mother's Day, with my mom, on Mother's Day

It has been many years since I've spent Mother's Day with my mom. We usually move the day around according to events! But, today, I've spent Mother's Day with my mom. She chose to go to the Nirox Sculpture Park - a place we both love.

There was a whole food and wine festival on as well as new sculpture installations. I'm glad we got there early because it was packed when we left. The food all looked ok, but not spectacular and little to nothing on the vegetarian side and very few nice treats. If you're into wine, then it was great because there were loads of wines available.

The venue, for me, is the real delight and we love going out to Nirox. We had an orienteering event out there about five weeks ago, which my club hosted. The place is absolutely beautiful with its lawns, dams, streams, trees and, of course, some delightful sculptures (and others that are just too odd to even be called 'nice'). The main thing missing was music. A harp here and a violin trio there would have really rounded off the event.

All in all, a lovely visit but I think I'll stick to going there on quieter, non-event/occasion days.

My. Mom.

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