Friday, 9 May 2014

'38 Days of Running' starts on Monday

On Monday my annual pre-birthday game begins. I started this a few years ago and it works as follows.

In the lead up to my birthday, I have to run every day for the number of days of the age that I'm turning. The challenge finished on my birthday. And this year, I'm turning 38 - so that means 38 Days of Running, which starts on Monday.

In the first year '35 Days of Running', I averaged 6.4km/day. My minimum daily distance was 4km.

Then, in 2012, I spent half of my '36 Days of Running' in Ireland and this included many beautifully scenic long runs and a 24hr Rogaine. I didn't keep a strict log so I don't know totals and tallys. But I did spend a lovely day with my mom and I did exceed 36 consecutive days.

Last year I found myself in Argentina for my birthday and was totally charmed to have snow on my birthday - a day after arriving in Bariloche. I ran on snow and ice for the first time ever. That was fun. Again I exceeded my 37 days because it was just so awesome there that I was out running (or walking when the weather was nasty and windy and wet) every day.

My challenge this year will be getting in my daily runs during Expedition Africa. The race reporting environment is a non-stop, go-go-go and little-sleep one so I'll need to be extra disciplined. When I'm really ragged some of those days may be long walks. I leave here on 22 May and return on 1 June.

I'm looking at minimum 30-minute runs this year. This allows double-booking space for my other activities like pole and yoga. On Wednesdays I usually run with Rob and we usually do 13-15km (sometimes more) and on Fridays I run with Jason and we do 8-13km most of the time. So overall my distances should be a bit higher than usual.

If you're looking for a bit of motivation, you're most welcome to join me over the 38 days. If running isn't your thing, make it a '38 Days of Activity' - swimming, cycling, walking, yoga... everything counts.

Monday... here I come!


Staci said...

Yay! The first thought that comes to mind is that Metrogaine will be in 38 days after Monday.
I am going to mull over this on the weekend - i will join you for 38 days but i am not yet sure what i will do - run, plank, ride, gym or maybe a combination of all of the above. Mmmm....

Demetrio Möwes said...

Wait a go Lisa! You do your thing...I will wait patiently for Metrogaine. I do 30 minutes of running everyday, so that's my limit for now...haha