Thursday, 16 May 2019

Mother's Day walk

My mom fractured her right leg in October last year on a trip to Morocco! She started walking regularly again a while back but only recently has she been back on the uneven surface of tracks and trails.

For Mother's Day, we headed out to the Deelfontein farm for a walk and picnic with our friend Marianne and our dogs. I haven't been to Deelfontein for ages. The terrain is rocky and there are countless paths to choose from. The hills are still very green, but they won't be for much longer as winter sets in. It was the most beautiful morning and lovely to be out together. The dogs loved it, of course.

Deelfontein is open to the public, by arrangement, for running, walking and mountain biking. Visit their website and contact Gerhard directly. It is about 20-minute outside of Parys.

Me, mom and Marianne.

Mom and Marianne on a track.

Beeegggg spider! (there were two of them!)

With my dog-child. Dogs got picnic snacks too.

Rusty watching out for interesting things.

Mom and Marianne.

Mom with Tansy.

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