Thursday, 16 May 2019

Under 3hrs for 26km paddling? For sure!

On 1 May, I again paddled the 26km stretch of river from upstream of Parys to our paddling club. I'd done it a few days before with my friend Karen. The water was a bit lower on the 1st, but no less lovely. I'd thought it was 24km but my companions with GPS units confirmed it to be 26km.

I set a new record for this section of 3h10, paddling my Vagabond Kayaks Marimba. There were two bits of waiting involved so even with lower water, I'm still certain that I can I get my time under 3hrs. By the end, my upper body was tired; I'd worked hard. I really enjoy this stretch and look forward to paddling it more regularly, even at low water. And yes, I have plans to create a really decent map of the river.

Before the start. I didn't take any other photos because I was too busy paddling!

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