Monday, 20 May 2019

Taking friends on a scenic paddle

When friends come to visit, it is inevitable that they'll either be made invited to run or to paddle. This weekend I had the pleasure of having Jo'burg friends Staci, Ian and Kerry in town for Not-Forest Run on Saturday. They spent the night, which meant that I could take them paddling on Sunday morning (after the 5km myrun - hahahaha). Karen joined us for the paddle.

Me and Rusty at myrun. She was in excellent form.
And what a magnificent morning it was on the water!

We did around 4.5km on flatwater with beautiful reflections. This is what our outing looked like...

Rusty did her best ever, lying perfectly in the tankwell of my Marimba. That's Karen on the white Epic v7.
Even though Vagabond Kayaks is our company, there is no doubt that our kayaks are the best recreational kayaks out there - not just in SA but in the world. I'm not just biased - performance speaks louder than words. I love paddling my Marimba. It is the best model for paddling for fitness with speed (and a dog).

Kerry on the pink Tarka and Ian & Staci on the yellow Mazowe.

Rusty lying in the tankwell. I've put foam paddling in the tankwell to make her comfortable and so that her paws don't slide.
Autumn colours.

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