Thursday, 16 May 2019

Walking, puff adders and moonrise

A few weeks back I enjoyed a lovely late evening walk out at my friend's place, Otter's Haunt. Rusty and I enjoy running there with Karen and her dogs once a week. This time, Karen's sister Heather was visiting from Tasmania and, as it turns out, Heather and my mom were at school together in Zimbabwe! This is the first time that they have met up in... 50 years!

A highlight of the trip was seeing a pair of coupled puff adders and enjoying the view of the full moon rising.

Photos by Karen.

Puff adder face

Heather (left), mom (back right) and me (ahead of mom) with Skally (facing forwards), Rocksy (behind Heather) and a glimpse of Tansy. Rusty may have been ahead.

Mom and Heather. School friends meeting up after 50 years.

With my dog, on a rock.

Ahhhhhh... Full moon.

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