Friday, 25 November 2005

Walking with Heros

AR World Champs had many interesting points but the highlight for me was walking down the beach on the last stage of the race with Team Nike Balance Bar. I have had the privilege of getting to know the team members - Ian Adamson, Mike Kloser, Michael Tobin & Monique Merrill - over the past year and my respect and admiration for the team just continues to grow.

On Saturday, at the second of the two river crossings on the beach, I was waiting for the team to arrive. Actually, I was sleeping in the car, catching a little shut-eye, when they were spotted on the horizon. Derek Paterson, a fellow journo and friend with whom I was travelling, came to the car to wake me from what was a very, very sound slumber. It was a well deserved nap as I only got to bed after 4am when I'd finished typing my reports.

I watched the team approach and then started running down the beach to get away from all the other photograpers on the shore. The team approached steadily. For a while I kept bounding ahead of them, snapping pics (I have a theory... taking pictures is sometimes like bird-shot. The more you take, the more chance you have of getting a good one). My photographer friend Tony di Zinno caught up to us while I was walking with Mike Kloser, asking questions about their race. Tony, camera at the ready, offered to take a photo. Ian Adamson joined us and I now have a very, very treasured photograph of me walking with the team and two of my heros, Mike and Ian.

You know when you have a special moment? Walking along the beach with this teams was one of them for me. And, I am just so fortunate to have had Tony there to capture the moment. Thank you Tony D.

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