Thursday, 5 January 2006

Up, up and away

It's New Year and there are going to be a lot of cool things happening for me and for you. This puppy is gonna be a good one.

I'm off to a good start after a quiet December. I'm heading out tomorrow (until the 23rd Jan) to run my first 100-miler next weekend. It's in Hawaii.

Am I ready? Geeezzzz... I dunno. I'm feeling good, running well and don't have any injuries. So, can't complain. But, I've never done this kind of race so I've really got little to no idea of what I'm going into. This one is all for experience and getting to the finish line within the 36-hour official cut-off. How will I do in terms of placing? Obviously I'd like a decent finish (limbs intact) but you can't count your chickens before they hatch. I've got to cover every step of the 100-miles first.

Why am I doing this damn race? A friend in the US recommended it. It's true what they say eh? There's a sucker born every minute *giggle*

So, the race is called the (H.U.R.T. 100-miler). At last count I saw there were about 78 runners (20 of them are women). Only 3 people younger than me. I'm a baby in this game. No woman has ever run under 30-hrs. Winning time is around 27-hours. It's gonna be a long, long night out there.

Getting to and running this race wouldn't have been possible without a) Bob (my friend in the US), who recommended this race in the first place - he will also be running; b) my coach,Norrie; c) my friends, the MadScientists, Michael and Heather Graz (they'll be racing in the Patagonia Expedition Race in Feb); d) my friends from Salomon, First Ascent, Adidas, Suunto, Black Diamond and WileyX for their constant support and encouragement and; e) my mom, who is always behind me no matter what I choose to do.

OK... till later in Jan, keep training, keep racing and be safe out there.

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