Tuesday 2 May 2006

XTREME-ly proud

This weekend's Swazi Xtreme probably ranks as the event of which I am most proud...
Although I've known Evan (Price) for years, we've never raced together. As for Bruce and David... absolutely, utterly and completely disorganised novices who didn't seem to take me seriously when I'd explained about the sport of Adventure Racing and this event.

After the epic white water section (less than 12hrs into Day 1), Bruce chatted to his diary cam saying, "Now for the first time I'm starting to realise the magnitude of what we've gotten ourselves into" and it wasn't the only time over the weekend that Evan and I heard comments of "in over our heads". But, there was never a doubt in our minds that Bruce and David were in it for the whole journey.

Evan's navigation was spot-on, I handled 'admin' and with Bruce and David's determined attitudes (they did try to barter for more sleep time), we made an awesome team.

Evan and I had 'the boys' scrambling up precarious slopes, crawling under logs, rock hopping up rivers and mountain biking down treacherous terrain in the dark. I kept forgetting that Bruce is 50.

This race was certainly one of my best (although intense) adventure racing experiences. The boys, all three of them, are gems. We had wonderful laughs and a weekend of great racing.

We too are indebted to our dedicated support crew, who gave up their weekend to look after 4-strangers. Zoe, Charmaine, Denzil and Keanu... Thank you.

Bruce and David, I am so proud of what you achieved this weekend, of all the fears you overcame without hesitation and for putting your hearts into this race.

Evan... how do I say so much more than just thank you? This race was something else and I'm fortunate to have had you with me out there.

Wow... I'm gonna be buzzing from this one for weeks. Thank you team ;)«

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