Sunday, 23 April 2006

Gettin' Spurred On

Today I had the fortune of being the course director for the SPUR Adventure event held at Pelindaba today. Athough I've done time behind-the-scenes at many, many, many AR's in the past few years - as media, helper, photographer, journalist and such - this was my first time course planning and organising.
We had around 300 competitors in the SPUR Challenge with other entrants in the SPUR Hike and SPUR Trail (kids) events. My task was to plan routes for the events and to generally deal with course related aspects, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

My thanks first to all of the competitors: most of you were new faces and I'm only sad that because of the nature of the event and the volume of people that I was unable to meet you all. My thanks to you all too for coming up to say thank you after the race. Your appreciation is treasured.

To my Marshals: Wow! You guys were fantastic today - from directing competitors to assisting where needed and making sure that the course tags were removed, returning this beautiful environment to its natural state. To our SPUR crew: Conrad and Peter (and his many helpers) - thank you. This has been a wonderful experience and it is good to work with you. Max - you're the bomb. This is where Max's loud mouth and constant chatter (he talks more than me!) comes in really handy. Max is definitely the best event MC out there. Pelindaba/NECSA crew: Anton, Martie, Moses and Iyanda - this is a wonderful venue. Thank you for accommodating us and for your assistance over the past weeks. Jacques: Always brilliant to have you taking photos at events. I can't wait to see them! AND Ugene: an AR associate for years and now a dear friend. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.

This SPUR Series is definitely going to be a wonderful annual fixture and with each event the Series will continue to evolve and improve. The event is a fundraising initiative by SPUR in aid of the African Children's Feeding Scheme, which they support. Next weekend the event moves to 'Maritzburg, where you'll be in Max's competent hands.

Now my focus moves to Swazi Xtreme, where I'm going to have my hands more than full... more on this tomorrow. For now... Over and Out.

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