Tuesday, 4 December 2007

New AR photographic book

Talented adventure photographer Peder Sundstrom has published a book of photographs from his experiences at adventure races around the World.

The book "Endless - A Portrait of Aventure Racing" is "a collection of photographs gathered from a decade of documenting the international races. The book consist of 160 pages, printed on environmental friendly paper".

The photographs are emotive, beautiful and they convey the spirit of adventure racing and its participants.

"As a special addition to the book, a number of the premier international journalists and athletes have participated with stories and thoughts from personal experiences of their adventure racing careers."

Contributing writers:

Niclas Sjögren, Karen Lundgren, John Jacoby, Nathan Fa'ave, Lisa Jhung, Pascal Bahuaud, Paul Romero, Mats Andersson, Robyn Benincasa, Richard Usher, Emma Rocca, Travis Macy, Mikael Lindnord, Rob Hovard, Fredrik Ölmqvist, Geoff Hunt, Ian Adamson, Martin Dreyer, Shirin Rådby Djavidi, Lisa de Speville, Björn Rydvall

This is a coffee table book of exceptional, aspirational photographs. Between the pages you'll spot our own Martin Dreyer, Sakkie Meyer and Garth Pienke (side-on pic). There are also a few photos from the Richtersveld Bull of Africa 2005.

The book can be ordered from the book website at http://www.endless-thebook.com/ (link on top left for English).

Peder's photographic talent and extensive experience is well in advance of his age. This book is a wonderful reflection of Peder's achievements.

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