Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Separate AR & Trail running calendars

My event calendar on is meant to be about adventure races; but I've always hosted listings for aligned disciplines like trail running and Rogaine (not MTB as these events have a home on Spinman). With the growing popularity of off-road running events and the explosion of short city trail running series', spotting adventure races on the AR calendar, between all the trail listings, has been like looking for a CP in a forest without a map.

The near domination of trail listings has bothered me for a while - afterall, is an ADVENTURE RACING website - but it wasn't until I received Fred's email yesterday that I got the kick to put AR and trail running on separate calendars. As Fred put it, "I never thought I’d say this because I absolutely love trail running. But isn’t it time to move the trail run events into a separate space? I can’t see the adventure races on the AR calendar any more." He was quite right.

So, you'll now find adventure races on the primary event calendar and a link,at the top of the AR calendar, to a trail running calendar.

I spent much of last night looking for the 2008 dates and details for the many trail running events in SA. If you know of any others, please drop me a note so I can add them.

Thanks for the nudge Fred.

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