Thursday, 24 April 2008

My Buff collection

I much prefer getting Buffs at big run races and ARs rather than t-shirts. Most girls will agree with me on this because the t-shirts handed out are usually too big - men style - with hems down to our thighs and sleeves past our elbows. Buffs, on the other hand, fit everyone. Whether you use it as a... Buff... or hankie or camera protector, this remains a small, packable and useful piece of fabric.
I've been collecting Buffs for 8-years now and my collection is looking healthy. Best of all, the entire bundle takes up less space than one t-shirt or sweater. These are my Buffs...

  1. My first Buff (2000). This is one of the original designs (Logo Blue) - still popular. [CORRECTION Thursday night - This was my second Buff! I forgot about the first one because I haven't had it in my hands for years - my mom swiped it. My very first one was the Rasta Buff design. Now that I'm feeling all sentimental about my Buffs I have reclaimed it ;)]
  2. SA Flag Buff (2000) - this is actually the second SA Flag version. I had the original one, designed by Sheila Collins (Mark and John's mom) but I gave it to a friend who was sanding wooden planks for a fence. The Buff worked like a bomb to keep out the dust. I think I got this one in 2005 or 2006.

  3. My light-blue Gecko Buff is missing from this photo because I don't know where it is. I know I had it recently because I use it to protect my camera out in the field. Mmmm... I hope it hasn't gone MIA. I got this Buff (the style is Salamandra Blue) at the Augrabies Extreme Marathon in 2001.

  4. My running friend Bob, from Virginia USA, have me this National Geographic Buff after I ran Jungle Marathon in Brazil (Sept 2003). I call it my "Jungle Buff" and it has become my ultra running talisman, accompanying me on all long races.

  5. Primal Quest 2004 Buff - this one has great memories of the first major event I covered on the media side. This was also the occasion when I got to meet adventure racing's icons, made famous by Mark Burnett's Eco Challenge races and productions: Ian Adamson, Mike Kloser, Robyn Benincasa, Rebecca Rusch... I felt like a tourist in Hollywood and was completely overwhelmed.

  6. Rob Howard, editor of, gave me this SleepMonsters Buff. I had covered a number of events for them.

  7. One of the great things about being a journo at events is the swag (goodie bags). I spent 3-days at Eastnor Castle in England in early February 2006 for the Land Rover G4 International selections. It was FREEZING (legitimae sub-sero temperatures). This Land Rover G4 Buff was attached to my body for the whole 3-day period. I also had a really fabulous beanie, which I think I lost in the ladies restroom at Heathrow airport; I was juggling bags and changing from outdoor clothes to aeroplane clothes. Still, I have this fabulous Buff as a reminder of a very neat experience over there.

  8. This Uge.Events Buff is very cool. Its design incorporates photographs from various events presented by Uge.Events. My logo is on the Buff and I took all the photographs featured in the design (except one which I can't clearly recognise).

  9. In July last year I ran the Rhodes Trail Run (52km) for the first time. It's an enjoyable run and I had a great day out, the weather was perfect and I got some cool photos of this lovely area. I'll take my Rhodes Run Buff with me when I return to run the race this July. I'm hoping it will remind me to stop checking the scenery and to improve on my time from last year.

  10. In June 2007 I accepted the position of Gear Editor for Runner's World SA magazine. My first gear section published in the August 2007 issue was on reflective items to improve the visibility of runners on the road in the dark. This bright Gas Fluor Reflective Buff featured in the review and I also got to keep it afterwards (Thank you Christo). I also received the yellow-and-black reflective Buff, which went to my happy helper who assisted in grading the visibility of items under the glare of car headlamps, at night and in the cold, on a quiet residential street.

This is one item you really can't have too many of. I pick and choose which ones to wear according to the type of race, where it is and what mood I'm in. But one thing is for certain, whether I'm competing or on the side as a marshal, organiser or media, I always have at least one with me.


coydogheath said...

would you be willing to model a few of the buffs?

Anonymous said...

Maybe organisers of events should rather issue buffs instead of medals. I once did a MTB event where we received a bottle opener that is a cool idea and it is at least useful. Imagine an Iron Man medal or Comarades medal in the shape of a bottle opener or cork screw? ....ok, maybe I am taking it a bit too far now. Also the quality of some T-shirts these days is so poor, the only thing they are good for is to wash cars....then it only lasts for one wash.

adventurelisa said...

Heath, come visit. I've got some great runs you can do here. And you'll get a Buff.

As an update... I found my salamander Buff and got a new one this weekend from Swazi Xtreme ;) - Lisa

coydogheath said...

oh lisa i would love to come there. i'm doing MDS in april. sign up and do it with me!!!!!