Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Where are we going?

You know that whole five-year plan thing? I used to have one - too many years ago. Ever since I've preferred to be flexible working most things on a smaller time scale (like weeks and months instead of years); rolling with the punches, walking through open doors and accepting opportunities when they knock.

Sometimes an adventure race can be like this; and relationships; and orienteering; and cooking.

Yesterday a lass called me for a reference for a chap I know from AR that she's planning to join for Odyssey. She was worried that she'd slow him down and all those usual worries. I told her not to stress 'cos he is one of the most chilled guys I know. Lots of experience, knows how to pace and what to pack but above all he takes the most pleasure in the journey and opportunity to just be there and to run.

And then I saw this cartoon, by Edward Monkton (

Sometimes we need to remember that we don't always have to have a fixed direction of travel.