Friday, 12 September 2008

Karula, here we come!

We've spent the afternoon strolling around Tartu, checking out the o0ld university buildings and some ruins. Pretty neat. Found the Mulders (Nicholas and Liz) by chance. Heather and I stopped at a cafe for a snack and hot choc, as it had been drizzling for a bit. We were just about done when Liz and Nic walked in.

In a town with a population of 100,000 and countless cafes, they picked the same one as us.

They came across on a ferry from Helsinki this morning. Nearly missed their ferry as it was on the Estonian side, delayed by high winds and bad weather. According to Nicholas, this cold weather we've got at the moment is unseasonable. It is currently 13C and a bit windy. Should be a good few degrees warmer.

I asked Liz whether she had a harness to tie Nic into. She laughed and said that she was hoping that having "Bull" in his legs would slow him down. And it seems she's right because she took him for a hill walk yesterday (or the day before) in Switzerland, where she is now living, and he wasn't full throttle up the hills. My money is on Liz - she really is remarkable and is always an inspiration. How many people can make a team with their mom for a competitive 24hr rogaining event?

Heather and I are catching the event bus shortly. Liz and Nic are driving through to the event in the morning.

There's an International Rogaining Federation (IRF) meeting tonight. South Africa isn't a full member; we have observer status. So I'll be attending this as the SA IRF representative. They have their eye on SA for a World Champs in the next six years or so. MMmmmmmmm... I think after the race I'll have a better idea for what we would need to host an event. Just think about it... take the maps for our annual 8hr event and times that by three. That's a lot of mapping.

We're outta here.

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