Saturday, 7 March 2009

Pizza peeve

I got take-out pizza last Friday night when I got back from Namibia. I've been feeling like pizza for a few weeks and with no food in my home the timing was good. The pizza was good but the price nearly put me into cardiac arrest - R54.90 for a decent sized basic pizza with dashes of bacon and avo sprinkled on top (it didn't look like the pizza in this picture).

Although I like pizza, it isn't something I eat often. As a student at varsity I waitressed at an Italian restuarant so I carried, smelled and ate enough pizza in my 2 years there to last a lifetime. The last time I bought pizza would have been well over a year ago. And I'm sure it was only about R30?

I've just checked online to see Debonairs' prices; they are cheaper than my local family-owned pizza joint but I still think R36.90 for a Margherita (flour, water, tomato and cheese!) is steep. That said, pizza is a restaurant's biggest profit margin.

By the time I go for pizza again it will probably cost R70.00. Grrrr...

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