Monday, 13 April 2009

Rogaine Champs '08: interviews on YouTube

Got a link from the 2008 World Rogaining Champs (Estonia, September 2008) to some YouTube videos. OK, so this one is shot in the dark and you can't see us; but you can hear me - and sort of see me. I was racing with Heather Graz. The next interview is with Nicholas Mulder. Nic was racing with Liz Mulder.

The camera crew found us at the one water point; we did see Nic here too. This was not long after sun down - certaily not later than 20h00. Temperature dropped big time and just stopping to refill our hydration systems caused us to shiver big time - teeth chattering too. We ran most of the night because it was the best was to keep warm.

This is the link -

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