Monday, 9 November 2009

Foot rogaine map and route

Below I've included our foot rogaine route. We headed West from the event centre (Lakenvlei Lodge, on the dam - double circle) and then 'across' the dam below the dam wall before angling mostly North. We moved in a clockwise direction, working our way uphill (starting from control 204, 207, 223 etc).

Where the forest terrain was good, we cut through the forest. Where it was nasty, like on the South western side, we stuck to roads.

For comparison, Christo and Nathan, the winning team, headed East first, working from 201, 205, 231, 230, 221, 220 and then they zigzagged, getting the furtherest North controls in an anti-clockwise direction. They descended on the Western side going 227, 213, 212, 211, 208, 225 etc. They did leave out 246, 244 and 248. They may have gotten 245 (I can't remember). They also left out 209 and 206, which were close to home. And, I think, those were the only ones they left out.

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