Monday, 5 April 2010

Meeting an extraordinary man

Wooooohooo! A highlight of my weekend was meeting trans-Atlantic rower Peter van Kets at the airport this morning.

I've blogged about him quite a bit since December, with postings here and on (Adventurers & Expeditions section), when he first set off for the start of the Woodvale Atlantic rowing race. I'd also chatted to him on the phone in November when writing up profiles on a number of South African adventurers.

What Pete accomplished out there on the Atlantic - positions aside (first African to row the Atlantic; second placed solo) - is nothing short of extraordinary. To spend 76 days alone on a 'tin can in a washing machine' is incomparable to anything else. You can't get off, you can't get help in any hurry and if you want to get anywhere, you've got to sit on that sore-encrusted butt to row with your blister-upon-blistered hands.

While Pete did the manual labour, he also had a super crew at home who put out notices on his progress, monitored ocean currents and weather patterns to position Pete in the most favourable lines, took care of technical issues and problems that arose and, of course, provided ongoing enouragement and support. It was as good following Team Pete's involvements through the postings on as well as Pete's experiences on the ocean.

It was an absolute treat to meet Pete and his wife Kim this morning. And this photo will long be treasured.

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