Monday, 29 November 2010

Four out of five Kinetic Adventure wins

Yesterday was the fifth and final event of this year's Kinetic Adventure sprint series. It was held at Hennops Pride, an area near Hartees that I know from orienteering.

This time I was racing with Lizelle and Vicky. Lizelle has been in the team the whole year, taking Debbie's place. Lauren, an original team member, raced the first two events of the year with me and Lizelle. She's been doing a trail guide course, which she recently finished, so her weekends have been filled with outdoor components of the course. Lizelle Smit, one of my Abu Dhabi teammates, did the next two events with us; and Vix jumped in for this last one.

Lizelle, Lisa, Vix and Calvin

This event was easy on the nav and tricky on the bike, with technical biking on slippy and rocky terrain. We made sure to keep our lips sealed on the short paddle on the Hennops River. Last time I did a race out here - on a nearby farm - we tubed on the river and I spent a good 12hrs next day in the bathroom, unable to move more than a few metres from the loo. Let's just say that there are more bacterium in this river than a children's pre-school... and that's quite something!

Vix plays piggy-in-the-middle
Overall we had a smooth race to take the podium for the fourth time this year in the women's team category. We came second in one of the earlier events.

Lisa, Lizelle van der Merwe and Vicky Wirsam Wagner
Our thanks to Triumph for sponsoring our girly team for the second year. We're through-and-through Triumph girls - it's the best support a sporty woman can have.

Heidi and Stephan (and your team of helpers) - wow! You have done so well again this year to continually improve the courses, venues, variety at the events and a wonderful vibe at the race. Thank you for all those hundreds of hours you've put in to present these funfilled events.

* Photos by The Big Baboon

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