Tuesday 25 October 2011

Time for a full moon run (Tues, 8 Nov)

It's summer, it's hot, the evenings are divine and nights are perfect for running.

Next full moon is on Thurs, 10 November. But, I'm likely to be away later in that week (probably from Thurs 10th, or even Wed, 9th) so, how about we do a pre-full moon run on Tuesday, 8 November - starting at 19h00 from outside Vinis, Bedford Centre? Moon is up at 16h36. Will be high and beautiful by the time we get going.

Turns out that this Tuesday is moon apogee - when the moon is furtherest from the earth (perigee being its opposite - when the moon is closest to the earth). According to MoonConnection.com, "If you were to photograph a full moon at apogee and perigee (using the same lens), here's how the two sizes would compare"

Pace, distance, duration
This is a social run. Pace is no faster than 5:30 (on a downhill). More likely a 6:00 / 6:30 pace. Perfect for lots of talking and joking. Route goes into Bedfordview (or Morninghill - still to decide) and includes suitable stops to catch breath / tie laces / cross roads / smell fragrant flowers.

One-hour run. Probably 8km-ish.

Pizza afterwards at Vinis.

Bedford Centre is in the suburb of Bedford Gardens. Use the entrance on Arbroath/Kirkby Rd (Arbroath changes to Kirkby here, near the intersection with Smith Rd). This will take you on to the upper, open, parking level. After going through the boom, park anywhere around here. You'll see a Steers and a Fish Aways. Just down from this is Vinis. Stand anywhere around here, looking like the runner you are.

Remember your reflective wear - for safety.

P.S. Drop me a note if you are keen to come. Nice to know before hand whether it is me, myself and I or whether we've got company.

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