Friday, 20 January 2012

It is done! Thailand, here I come!

Oh my goodness! I've just booked my first-ever, non-event holiday abroad ;) Thailand, here I come!

As per my modus operandi, this vacation isn't all about beaches and hammocks. I'm in for lots of yoga at the Yoga Retreat but I'm doing classes, not a full retreat - not in the mood for the full chakra-aromatherapy lecture thing. Instead, I've booked to do a Thai massage course.

And, I've got good running plans...

The island of Koh Phangan has a perimetre of around 50km - perfect for an end-of-holiday ultra. Leading up to this I'm in for exploratory daily runs to visit waterfalls and other sights on the island.

And then a weekend visit to a neighbouring island recommended to me.

I also thought of doing a Thai cooking course but I think I'll settle in for a few days and see how my time works out with the yoga, running and massage course. Cooking courses are a few hours a day over five days, so it may be an option in my second week there.

My one friend has just returned from here and he's got loads of tips for me on things to do and see both in Bangkok and on the islands - looking forward to tea on Tuesday to get the scoop.

I first thought about doing this almost exactly a year ago. At the end of December I decided to just do it and this morning I booked the ticket for mid-March. How delicious!

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Staci said...

Sounds fantastic! Looking forward to following your trip.