Thursday 9 February 2012

Colours go to new owners

My cousin, Sandy, helps at a non-profit organisation that works with abandoned, abused, neglected (and all those other apt, negative words) children. She has been with Magical Moments for years and when I recently told her about my crochet blankets that needed a home (I've battled to get hold of the guy who ran the blanket collection two years ago), she said that she'd take them. I passed them on this weekend and they made it just in time for their 'Market Day', which was held at Lulamani Day Care.

This seems like quite a fun concept where they give the children a packet of Magical Moments money, which the children then use to purchase various items. My cousin's garage had been bursting with toys - all brand new after she received a call from Makro just before xmas. They were getting rid of old stock and wanted to donate the toys. It wasn't just a car load but a truck load of toys! These were available on 'Market Day' too. Magical Moments also has treats and other gifts that the children could purchase from the 'Magical Moments spaza'.

These are some pics of my knitted/crochet items with their new owners. I am grinning from ear to ear this morning - absolutely delighted that items I so enjoyed making (and learning how to make) now have a home and seeing these pictures makes me want to get cracking on more goodies to send through with Sandy. What joy this has brought me today.

Knitted beanie with big pom=pom

Knitted beanie with pom-pom 'ears' (it's back to front... there are little flowers on the other side)
and in the background are other little round crochet critters in the children's hands.

Ripple blanket, the green friendly monster and a green-blue-and-orange goldfish
Nap time with green monster and colourful granny square blankie
Photos by Ilana from the Magical Moments Facebook page.

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Fred said...

Now thats how you make a difference! Well done Lisa