Monday 18 June 2012

'36 Days of Running' - completed

Today is my 36th birthday - and very cool to be spending it in Ireland. It also brings to the end my '36 Days of Running' game. Yes, 36 consecutive days of running. I definitely found it easier than last year - probably because the weather was lovely through May and into June. My last seven days of running have been here in Ireland and I've had different towns and terrain every day. I'll work out distance tally and such when I get home.

Thanks for your sweet birthday messages on email and FB - lovely to read them and to think of you.

We're across the bay from Galway in a town called Ballyvaughn - the northern part of The Burren region. LOVE IT! Heading more South tomorrow. We'll be back near Dublin (a bit South of, in the Wicklow area) on Friday to hook up with Chris and Sean. 24hr Rogaine Ireland starts on Saturday afternoon. 

More photos in the next day or so. Got some great ones this afternoon ;)

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Fred said...

well done maatjie. That's a tough act to follow