Sunday 30 September 2012

Pre-FEAT weird dreams

I always have this weird dream thing going on before big events, especially those that I'm planning. I so don't want to forget anything so I've got lists all over the place and the evening runs on a schedule that is circulated to all helpers so everyone knows what is happening. It's important to me that the evening runs just so and to this end I put in a lot of planning time. Sure, odds and ends can go wrong on the night but I do aim to eliminate as many variables as possible.

Last night I had my first weird pre-FEAT dream.

I seem to have come from somewhere straight to FEAT (the reality is that I spend the day at the theatre!) and instead of being in the theatre I'm told that the audience hasn't arrived so we're in a small room (like a classroom) on the 5th floor of a nearby building. I go up and there are the speakers and maybe about 10 other people. The first talk happens and then I look out of the window and I see about 200 people on the pavement, waiting outside the theatre. I look at my watch and it was only 18h58. FEAT should start at 19h00 so things had been off schedule to start early... (I don't do 'off schedule').

So we all move to go downstairs. I seem to remember some kind of frustration at waiting for the elevator so I went down the stairs (took me a while to find them though).

We go into the theatre and the chairs are all plastic and they were not even set out (in reality I select venues for their tiered, comfortable seats - I prefer bolted seats with arm rests). There's litter everywhere (aaarrggghhh) and there's such a mess on stage with old props and pieces of wood and dust... I seem to think that people got to work setting out the chairs and then fortunately I woke up.

What a nightmare for a list-making, event-organising perfectionist!

I'm sure this Thursday will be a lot different ;)

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Lobby said...

Sounds more like a nightmare for you then a weird dream!! Thursday will be awesome:)