Sunday, 25 August 2013


At the moment I feel very topsy-turvy and not quite with the programme. I started the English teaching course last week (I'm two weeks in now) and while I'm learning much about teaching and techniques I'm a bit overloaded! For sure, lesson planning gets easier with practise but for now I'm at the bottom of the curve and climbing steeply so everything seems to take soooooo loooooong to complete.

We had our first teaching prac assessment on Thursday night - I've got so many things to work on and to improve on for the next one coming up this next Thursday. And then our first written assignment has to be in this coming Saturday...

Talking lessons plans, I've got my final practical assessment coming up at the beginning of September to complete my British Orienteering Federation Level 2 coaching qualification. We've got a group of our experienced junior orienteers as our 'students'. I've been thinking about the direction to take my lesson and I think I've got an idea that will stimulate and hone the skills of these advanced level orienteers.

I haven't been in the best health so my running has been almost not there. The lady on the course with me was down with an awful cold when we had our first class last week - within a day that was me down with it too. I've been out for some walks and runs with the huskies but otherwise no hard runs for almost two weeks. I'm feeling irritable and jumpy.

Fortunately I'm on the mend at around 98% recovered. I'm running with the huskies again later today, which is as good for my mind as it is for my body. I'm looking forward to a better week of running ahead.

I've been missing my circus classes, which are on hold until I complete the English course at the end of October. Seems my timing is pretty good as there haven't been classes recently; they're moving venue and are still building the rigging setup for the aerial disciplines.

FEAT organising details continue to progress. I've released the names of three of the speakers and only 112 tickets are still available. Yay! Such excitement building around this 5th FEAT event here in SA. I'm visiting the theatre on Tuesday to confirm venue arrangements. I think that I'd be feeling even more excited if I didn't have the organising to do *grin* I love speaking to people who proudly announce that they've got their tickets - this automatically buoys my enthusiasm too.


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