Friday 17 January 2014

I feel good, do-do do-do do-do do (and Gilloolies hill invite)

Despite a bit of a coughy-nosey thing last week, I've had really good and comfortable runs this week. I'm almost back to feeling as good as I felt in July last year on my return from Argentina, where I ran plenty.

August to end-October were really bad running months for me. Sure, I still ran three times a week, but I was losing ground more than gaining any of it - too little sleep and too much stress didn't help at all. I've been clawing my way back since.

A big part of my recent feel-good gains is certainly related to my weekly hill sessions up and down Gilloolies, which I've been doing since late-November. Stands to reason. I felt so great in Argentina because I ran/walked hills almost daily and for long sessions.

Gilloolies is a wicked hill that overlooks the Gilloolies Interchange. The view from the top is extraordinary and on clear days you can see far North, far South, towards the airport in the East and over to Northcliff in the West.

A trail runs up and along the middle of the ridge. On the way up it is technical trail with rocks and loose stones. And it is steep. Very, very steep. I'd love to say that I 'run Gilloolies' but truth be told, I'm not running. I can't. Too steep. More like hard and fast trekking.

I've got a rock at the bottom that is my start and a rock at the top that marks my finish. The fastest that I've done an ascent is 6:30. It's not easy! I'm up to four repeats. Oh my lungs!

Going down is pretty tricky - even trickier than going up.

There's actually a double hump to the ridge; I usually just use the first (and worst) hump.

At the moment I'm there on Sunday afternoons. 16h30.

If you wanna join me this Sunday... ? (Edenvale bunch?)

Meeting point is in Morninghill. Parking on Fouchee Terrace. Bring water.

To get into Morninghill, take the River Road boom-gate entrance. Drive straight and over the little bridge. 2nd right into Sugarbush Road and 1st left into Le Grande Terrace. At T-junction turn right onto Fouchee Terrace. Park on the grassy spot (you'll see what I mean - the people mow the lawn here). From here I take a trail around and to the bottom of the front of the right - facing the Gilloolies Interchange.

If you're keen, rock up a few mins before 16h30 so we can get going on time. 

Bring a spare set of lungs.

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