Monday 23 June 2014

38 Days of Running: Almost there...

I've had a bit of a whirlwind week. Although I started my annual running game 38 days before my 38th birthday, it went a bit like this... 13 days of running [one week of Expedition Africa] and then the rest of the days. My current count - as of yesterday - was Day 32. Today I broke the consecutive-day chain by missing an run (or walk) following an impact injury incurred yesterday.

Part of a Da Vinci drawing -
a lovely knee.
Yesterday afternoon I headed out with a running friend to Suikerbosrand. I haven't been there for ages - it is such an awesome location.

It must have been about six kilometres in that I bashed my knee on a rock. Quite silly really because I was working through a rocky section - chatting away - and I was maybe turned a bit to my right (talking over my shoulder) when I stepped down a rock and bent my knee right into a big rock on the side. I whacked the inside edge of my right patella (knee cap) - a seriously hard knock. I couldn't move for a moment and then it felt ok and I ran the rest of the way feeling nothing more than the effects of the impact on the bone.

The drive home takes little over 30 mins and by the time I got home I could barely bend my knee it was so sore - and a bit swollen too. I couldn't bend it to walk up or down stairs either.

I started on hot and cold therapies and an Arnica oil rub and two anti-inflams. If these don't work then I know the problem is a bigger deal than a regular bash. I didn't expect anything serious as I hadn't slipped, fallen nor twisted - just a good 'ol bashing.

I'm delighted to say that I awoke with no pain and could do stairs with relatively little discomfort. After spending the day on my feet it is a bit inflammed now but nothing that hot, cold and Arnica shouldn't solve. It may take a few days to recover fully.

After such a hard bash I'm reluctant to mess with my knee so I may need a few days before I complete the final five days.

This year's '38 Days of Running' has been a bit disjointed but satisfying overall.

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