Tuesday 25 November 2014

Get your mojo on

Last week I went to a workshop presented by my friend, Telana Simpson. She's a communication and personal coach and a place on her 'Boost Your Mojo: Increasing your personal power' workshop was her FEAT Trade with me. It has taken a year for me to be free on the same night as the workshop!

I like to think that my mojo runs pretty well most of the time; but it can wane and so I was totally open to a receiving a boost.

From Telana's website:

Mojo means self confidence, or self assuredness.  It’s the basis for having a belief in your own self, especially in dealing with approaching someone, or when having to confront someone.
Another view of mojo is that it’s a good luck charm that bolsters confidence, and even talks to a magical power, or talent. It’s also known to be about our ability to bounce back from a tough time or negative attitude.
There were a few things from this workshop that stood out for me - also from my interactions with the other women participating in the workshop.

Without giving too much away, the first was the relationship between being responsible TO as opposed to being responsible FOR a person.

When I look at something like my Forest Run, which comes up in March 2015, or even tomorrow night's Metrogaine.

My role is to planning the routes, adequately briefing the participants, ensuring there is water, safety, medical and other relevant components.

For this I am responsible TO the participants. But, if a runner does not adhere to my instructions to carry a hydration bladder at Forest Run and to fill up with water at the aid stations and they don't drink enough and become dehydrated... I am not responsible FOR this runner's behaviour and what they do with what I tell them, although as a result of my responsibilities I'll have medical etc. in place.

It's very much "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink". I'm very cognisant of this, especially as an event organiser - although it applies all around.

This workshop tied together a couple of things that I've been thinking about / moving towards over the last couple of years. Too often these things take a while to arrive at and sometimes longer to implement.

I enjoy workshops and especially the interactions with other attendees. It was nice that we had a small group and good, open discussions where we could link and share experiences.

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