Friday 15 May 2015

New favourite running spot - Lower Tokai Park

Yesterday afternoon I hit the track of the Lower Tokai Park for a fast and amazing run.

Located in the suburb of Tokai the park is part forest and part open felled land where the fynbos has regrown.

While there are trails through the pine forest, which is old enough for the forest floor to be open and covered in pine needles, there is a hard-packed trail around the perimeter.

There's also a good stretch of boardwalk across the very sandy open sections.

This is a prime dog walking spot with dozens of people and dogs around. Very well behaved dogs that I encountered. As a runner I always keep a sharp eye on dogs as they can get so excited seeing runners that they like to nip. No worry yesterday as the dogs were pleasant.

And I saw squirrels!

And then there are also the horses and riders passing through the forest... Cape Town does have some wonderful lifestyle benefits.

This Park so does it for me. Hard and fast lose-yourself-in-the-run terrain where the scent of pine is replaced by the scent of fynbos. And then pine again filling my nostrils.

I think one loop of the perimeter is about 3.8 - 4km. It was so good that I blazed two loops before running back to my friend's house.

I ran the same today - in the opposite direction. A really wonderful running location.

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