Monday, 28 March 2016

Forest Run entries are open

A few months. Almost a dozen welcoming landowners, who are passionate about their area. Many, many hours. Over 165km on foot.

I moved to Parys in December; moving my Forest Run with me was such a good decision. Exploring the hills of the Vredefort Dome and planning the routes has been a treat.

Now that my land permissions have been finalised, I can finally let the cat out of the bag!
AdventureLisa's Forest Run will be held on

Saturday, 21 May 2016

It will start and finish from the Old Imperial Inn in Venterskroon, a historic gold mining 'town' that is only 30 minutes from Parys.
There are three distances:
16km, 30km and 46km
How much?
Entry fees are R399, R499 and R599 for the 16km, 30km and 46km distances respectively.

The terrain? 
VERY different to that of the 'old' Forest Run at Lakenvlei. Out here it is much more rugged and hilly with interesting valleys and ridges. I think I've arrived at a pleasing mix of easy-running sections with gotta-concentrate stretches and downright-technical bits. It will not be easy out there but it will be very rewarding and satisfying.

Event info and how to enter
Please make sure that you read the general informationrouteentriesrules and FAQ pages before completing and emailing your entry form (available in Word and PDF formats) to me. EFT details are provided on the form.

Enjoy a sleep over
I'd like to entice you to stay over on Friday and Saturday night. I've provided a number of self-catering accommodation recommendations.

Within spitting distance (almost) of the start/finish is everything from camping to a youth hostel in a refurbished old silo and barn (reserved for Forest Run only) to really lovely chalet options for couples and groups. Rates are really, really good too - like R100 per night in the hostel or from R200 to R430 per person per night in a chalet.

Self-catering accommodation? No need to cook!
Plus, you can book for the braai at Old Imperial Inn on Saturday night and also for Sunday morning breakfast and lunch - so you don't even need to cook.

Photos for a sneak peek
Over the next few weeks, I'll aim to tantalise you with snippets about the area. You're not going to believe that what is out here is really out here. Photos from my scouting outings show some of the features of the area. You can enjoy viewing these in the albums on the Forest Run Facebook page.

A taste of my own medicine
Although I've traversed much of the area, I haven't yet done the full route in one shot. In the week of 4 April I'll be running the 46km route, which incorporates the 16km and 30km courses, to get a taste of my own medicine.

I look forward to sharing my new home area with you in May.

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