Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Hiking around Futaleufú

Our walk around the town of Futaleufú yesterday was cold. Ice cold. It was little wonder that we saw very few people out and about. Down jackets, thick gloves, beanies, warm leggings under pants... we took on the 7x4 streets of town dressed like the Oros man.

By 10am this morning (Monday), we could see a dash of blue sky through the dense low cloud and by 11am the temperature was up to a balmy 5°C. Perfect for hiking.

We'd found mention of some hiking trails on the internet as well as a depiction on a tourist cartoon map in our cabaña.

We were aiming for one with a trailhead starting just outside town and leading up a local hill. After initial mention on a sign, there was no other mention of the route. We found another: Piedra de Aquila.

The dirt road wound through farms, across a river and up, up, up a road with steep switchbacks. On it went, up and up. Really steep and muddy. We went through a pretty farm and over a rise.

2.5hrs in, the sun was out - soft that it is. We made this our turn-around snack stop before heading back.

The way back - on the same route - was prettier than before. The clear sky and crisp air gave magnificent views, especially from up high.

We have a few other options for tomorrow (Tuesday). Considering our lack success with locating the trails we set out to take, we'll just roll with whatever we find. We're thinking of the route that goes towards the Argentine border.

'Til then.

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