Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Going on a Journey with 16 year old girls

I'm off on an adventure on Thursday. It is an adventure that includes a group of 21 16-year old girls, who will be doing a multiday hike - with a spot of paddling and an abseil. A Journey. An adventurous, outdoor Journey. I'm along as the facilitator of the group.

A friend, and old teammate, is the organiser. He has been involved with school outdoor and adventure programmes for at least 16 years and he coordinates these multiday adventures for schools. I was delighted to be invited along to facilitate one of the three groups of Grade 10s.

We'll be in the Middleburg area, which is a region I do not know at all.

In his briefing, my friend mentioned how this Journey is very much life changing for many of the participants. It stands to reason when you look at the 'firsts' that these girls will encounter.

First time hiking.

First time camping.

First time preparing their own food and being, for the most part, self sufficient.

First time away from home, on their own, for a week.

First time eating, sleeping and spending a week with a group of girls from their grade at school.

This should be quite an experience for me too. While the girls carry their own kit, set up their own tent, navigate the hiking trail and make their own food, I'm on hand to make sure that they're safe, to deal with any issues, illness and the like and to guide a debrief and discussion each evening.

Yes, I'm very excited to be part of this and I hope to be a positive influence and to share a bit of my love of the outdoors and adventure with my group.

With that, my backpack is packed and I'll be offline for the next week and a bit. See you on the other side of this Journey.

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