Sunday, 11 December 2016

Foraging continues - a litchi tree

I love litchis. They're one of my favourite fruits but I've never eaten them straight from a tree. Yesterday, I did just this.

We went to visit friends in Rustenburg. The trees in their suburb - an older and established part of the town - are magnificent. The coral trees and frangipane are so beautiful at the moment.

Pulling into the parking in their complex, I noticed the tall tree outside one of the units. I saw coloured somethings between the leaves - but they weren't flowers. They were also too high up for me to get a good look. There was also brown 'debris' under the tree. 

I did a quick hello and then left to investigate. Litchis!!!

We went out for lunch and driving back in I asked Celliers to park under the tree. I needed to climb onto his roof to get at the branches.

The fruit was almost past its sell-by date. The majority of the litchis had popped skins and bees were feasting on the dripping juice. But, there were some 'unopened' fruits, that I duly picked. If only we'd had an extra tall ladder at hand! It looked like there were lots more that were ripe for the picking higher up.

Juicy, full of flavour and perfectly ripe.

I left some with our friends and returned home with some. They are the best I've had for ages - made sweeter by having been foraged.

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