Friday, 17 February 2017

Rating the difficulty of a trail race

This is the theme that I built an article around for the website of the new trail running magazine  "TrailBlazing" that trail runner Linda Doke will be editing. The website goes live 1 March.
Linda describes the magazine as, "The first issue will be out in the first week of March. It’ll be an A3-size quarterly newspaper, nothing fancy at all, just 16 pages to start with, and hopefully with good growth prospects. It’ll be free, and will reach trail runners by being available at certain running stores around the country, and via race organisers at specific races."
The contents will also be available online. "So all those who don’t get their hands on a copy at a race or from a running shop will always be able to read it online. Easy peasy," she explains.
I have handed in my article to celebrate the website launch, which I hope the readers will enjoy. I'll post a link once the website is up.

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