Monday, 8 May 2017

41 Days of Running begins tomorrow

Seven years ago I started a pre-birthday tradition of running every day for the number of days of the age that I'm turning. Every year the start date gets earlier... Tomorrow is my 2017 start date for "41 Days of Running".

I've got a very full plate with Forest Run coming up in two weeks and I'm quite certain that one run I may not get around to is on Forest Run day. Nonetheless, the challenge is on. This year I also have an energetic doggy companion, Rusty, as an added motivator.

Since having her in my life I have found it far easier to get out for runs because even when I'm bogged down with commitments, where I may not prioritise myself to get out for a run for me, I'll get out for a run for her. She is very good for me.

She did her second parkrun on Saturday and set a new PB of 30:35. Together we're still slower than me on my own (by 5 minutes), but as her fitness improves she'll be pushing me!

The combination of Rusty and this annual birthday game should be an excellent combination for my fitness improvement over the next 41 days.


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