Friday 30 September 2022

Woodwork: seat extender

A year ago, I did a work trip to Cape Town and I took Rusty with me. The bakkie is a single-cab and the passenger seat is a bit wider than normal. So that she would be comfortable, I had a bag in the footwell of the passenger seat and her cushion spanning the seat and the top of the bag to give her a bigger area to spread out on.

We had the most awesome trip, visiting dealers and staying in dog-friendly guesthouses.

I've been taking the dogs with me when I go to the storage garage. They love doing anything with me, including riding shotgun, waiting, watching, helping and sniffing around. They know the storage property now and they know them. The dogs are safe and happy there.

Fitting Rusty and Rosy - and sometimes Bella too - on the seat is a problem. 

Rusty is a medium-sized dog, weighing in at 20.5kg. Rosy is a small-sized dog, weighing in at 10kg. Bella is a little dog, weighing in at 3.5kg. 

I've built a 'seat extender' so that the dogs have plenty of space and cannot fall off the seat if I have to brake suddenly. I made it out of pallet wood (legs) and a piece of plywood, and shaped it to fit perfectly between the seat and the cubby hole. The space underneath can still be used and is easy to access from the open door.

Before the seat extender...

After - with the seat extender

My furry assistants helping (by looking cute) with a courier drop off.

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