Tuesday 2 January 2024

Big 5 O Week: Day 4

Day 4 at Big 5 O was a decent, clean run for me. Listed as 6.6km as-the-crow-flies with 180m of elevation, I ran 9.5km with 199m of climb. 

After Day 3's mess with Control 1, I took it steady and focused to the first control, not wanting to mess up. This now only wastes time but also messes with your confidence if you don't hit the first control correctly. I had a good one to Control 1. Big sigh of relief.

I could have run or moved faster on sections, and there were parts where I could have taken the tracks a little more - but I straight-lined to challenge myself. But with the exception of my rout from 8 to 9, I was pretty happy overall with my choices and progress. 

This was a map-flip course. When I got to Control 14, I turned over my map for the next part of the course. 

Strava route in red with what I think I did in pink. It is a fun 'game' to try to remember afterwards exactly where I went, past which features, for each leg of the course.

This was my last participation event - four of the five. For the 5th, I'm controller and will assist with putting out controls. 

It has been amazing to be doing orienteering events after so much time away and also to see the people in the orienteering family. I am friends with many on Facebook but haven't seen a good number for many years. It has been wonderful to be with them again.

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